Mindfulness for Everyone

We develop online courses and work sessions to help you thrive (and survive) with resilience during uncertainty and change, because Mindfulness is for Everyone.

“Mindfulness is a way of life, simply, with full conscious awareness of NOW, without judgment or critique. We must re-wire our minds to achieve this way of life.” Dr Mariki Smith

Interview by Mariki Smith with Elsabe at MedFM 104.1FM, Bloemfontein, 24 January 2021:

Mariki Smith on 24 January 2021 at MedFM 104.1FM

Online Courses

To thrive resiliently we need healthy mindful awareness and compassion often with radical acceptance. Our Mindfulness Courses may help you make the mind shift. LEARN MORE

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Our Story

WE HAVE a passion for nurturing life. We think of this as a necessary consequence of  being non-judgmentally aware  and compassionate. This is at the heart of the practice of mindfulness. “Awareness means awareness of ourselves in our surroundings, and awareness  of others. “Compassion” means self-compassion, and other-compassion.

By teaching and bringing you the stories of mindfulness, we nurture life. READ MORE