Six Steps to the Joy of Nowness 2021

Six Steps to the Joy of Nowness

Join us for a science based 6-week mindfulness programme focused on practising awareness and compassion in our own lives, and in our practices. 2021 will be challenging and uncertain for ourselves and our clients. The practice of mindfulness that results in focus, groundedness and resilience is imperative. Aside from learning how being mindful will look like for you, this program will also teach you more about yourself.

The program will be presented by Mariki Smith (PhD Psychology), every Friday from 12h00-13h00 at Mizpah Lodge, 7b Ray Champion Ave, Rayton:

29-01-2021 Step 1: From Autopilot to Awareness

05-02-2021 Step 2: Stress and Embodiment

12-02-2021 Step 3: Haunting Thoughts and Feelings

19-02-2021 Step 4: Breathing is Awesome

26-02-2021 Step 5: Being vs Doing

05-03-2021 Step 6: Self- and Other-Compassion

Cost: R950. Reservation is essential. Enquiries and Registration via e-mail:

Mariki Smith 0832884393

Dirk Joubert 0840835720