Our Story

WE HAVE a passion for nurturing life. We think of this as a necessary consequence of  being non-judgmentally aware  and compassionate. This is at the heart of the practice of mindfulness. By “awareness we mean awareness of ourselves in our surroundings, and awareness  of others. By “compassion” we mean self-compassion and other-compassion.

By teaching and bringing stories of mindfulness, we nurture life.

The benefits of the practice of Mindfulness are clear, certain, accessible and low-cost. The practice of mindfulness improves lives  and reduces the effects mental and physical illnesses.

Mindfulness will make everyone the Leader of her or his own story.  Mindfulness assists us to recognise and move through the discomforts and high-lights of our lives with self-and other compassion.

Mindfulness is not a belief system or religion.

OUR VISION is to introduce all our Communities to Mindfulness, as a lifestyle, via our unique and integrated Mindfulness Programs and Activities.

We achieve this in five ways: 1. Individual Work Sessions; 2. Group Work Sessions; 3. Online Learning via 360smartly.com; 4. Blogs; 5. International and Local Partners.

The Team

Dr Mariki Smith

Dr Mariki Smith is a registered psychologist with more than 25 years experience as psychotherapist. She has a MA (Psychology) and PhD (Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in Marital Adjustment). Apart from her full-time psychotherapy private practice, she is co-director of the Free State Institute for Mindfulness (FSIM) and Inner Zone (Pty) Ltd. Her focus is on mindfulness, emotion focused therapy, EMDR and Brainspotting. The focus on Mindfulness and Emotion Focused Therapy has developed into what is at the heart of mindfulness practice and learning at the FSIM and 360smartly.com, namely emotion focused mindfulness or EFM.

Dirk Joubert

I grew up in George, a town at the foot of the lovely Outeniqua Mountains in the Southern Cape Province of South Africa. I studied law at Stellenbosch University, completing BA LL.B and LL.M degrees. After admission as attorney I acquired a BCom at UNISA, a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Relations at the University of Vienna, and a Certificate in Mediation at Mediate.org.