Promoting Resilience with ACT- Work Session

Presented by Professor Stephen Walker

Date: Friday, 25 June 2021. Time: 09h15 for 09h30-13h00. Cost: R 750. Please use your surname as reference

Bloemcare Conference Facility, Bloemfontein



Mariki Smith 0832884393

Dirk Joubert 084 083 5720


Probably the most important psychological skill an individual can develop is the ability to thrive in the face of adversity. The current state of the world has left many uncertain of the future and their place in the world. Similarly, a great number of us are struggling to define, or perhaps redefine, what is truly important to us, and how to maintain the courage necessary to pursue the actions and relationships that give our lives meaning.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has proven effective at developing resilience in a variety of populations (e.g., Moran, 2011; Muthukmar, Bhatta, Bombard & Gangozo, 2020). In this brief workshop practitioners will be introduced to a highly practical ACT intervention that focuses strongly on perspective taking as a mechanism to help clients get unstruck from emotions and cognitions that hinder them from moving towards what they value in life. More specifically, practitioners will be taught to apply the ACT Matrix (Polk, Schoendorff, Webster & Olaz, 2016), to help clients: (1) gain clarity about what they truly value, (2) defuse from what their minds tell them about the current situation and the future, and (3) recognize and deal with the emotional and cognitive hooks that divert them from the path to living a value-focused life.